Group History

The group established in spring 2016 partly continues and expand traditions and scientific program of the parent team of professor Chris McGuigan. As the last three members of his group and it is our mission to continue his legacy for many years to come.

Prof. Chris Mcguigan’s group, was the inventor of phosphoroamidate phosphate prodrug (proTide), a technology aimed to optimize intracellular nucleoside-based drug delivery and circumvent metabolic bottlenecks in the activation of nucleoside-based antivirals and anticancer drugs. The ProTide technology is currently the most successful prodrug strategy applied in the antiviral field and shows promising results in other therapeutic area as well. At least four compounds based on this technology have entered clinical trials, including Acelarin, now in Phase III evaluation for ovarian cancer and NUC3373, which is in Phase I trials for breast and colon cancer. This work inspired the research leading to the prodrugs TAF (tenofovir alafenamide) and sofosbuvir, the “backbone” drugs in the single-tablet regimens, which have transformed therapies for HIV and HCV infections.

Much of our work is carried with academic collaborators and industrial partners.