Who we are

Dr Fabrizio Pertusati Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry  

I oFoto miabtained my MSc degree in physical organic chemistry from Turin University (synthesis and characterisation of cationic surfactants). After three years spent in Printed Circuits Board manifacture industry as formulator scientist, I obtained my PhD in synthetic organic chemistry (Cardiff School of Chemistry, atropisomeric bis-quinazolinones as chiral auxiliaries for asymmetric synthesis). I conducted my post-doctoral training at Emory University with Professor Fredrick Menger (solid-phase synthesis of polymethine dyes and surfactant chemistry) and in the laboratory of the Nobel laureate Prof. George Olah, at the University of Southern California, organofluorine, organoboron and polymer chemistry).

Since 2011, I have been working in Chris McGuigan’s laboratory at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, where I was involved in various medicinal chemistry projects spanning from diastereoselective synthesis of nucleosides (cyclic and acyclic) phosphoroamidate prodrugs, to fluorinated androgen-receptors antagonist for prostate cancer treatment, and design and synthesis of novel compounds acting on the Central Nervous System).

In 2016, I was promoted to Research Fellow in medicinal chemistry and in January 2018 to Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry. I have research interests in several areas from the synthesis of novel fluorinated antibiotics for the treatment of Gram-positive bacterial infections and biofilm formation (in collaboration with prof. Hans Steenackers at Leuven University) to congenital disorders of glycosylation, phosphorus (V) and phosphorus (III) synthetic chemistry. I am also interested in design and synthesis of small  molecules for the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders (Niemann-Pick, Huntington, in collaboration with Dr. Lloyd-Evans at Cardiff School of Bioscience). In this area, I have also interest in carbohydrtate chemistry.

 Dr Michaela Serpi Research Fellow in Medicinal Chemistry 

Risultati immagini per michaela serpi imagineI graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1998 from Cagliari State University. After a brief traineeship at Rhone Poulenc Rorer in the Research Centre of Vitry Alfortville in Paris (FR) with the academic fellowship “Go for it” I joined the research group of Professor Roberto Pellicciari at the University of Perugia (Italy) with a Glaxo Welcome Fellowship. In the same group I then undertook my Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry, completed in 2005, with a study on constrained analogues of L-AP4, as ligands at group III metabotropic glutamate receptors, as potential lead structures to develop therapeutic agents for neurological disease. This work was in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck in Copenhagen (DK). During my Ph.D. I was awarded with a Marie Curie Training Site Fellowship, which gave me the opportunity to spend six months working at the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy in Copenhagen (DK). After my Ph.D., I then joined the medicinal chemistry group of Professor Chris McGuigan at Cardiff University working until January 2008 as post-doctoral on the carbohydrate chemistry of N-acetyl glucosamine analogues for an osteoarthritis drug discovery project sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Bioberica. From January 2008 to January 2011 I have worked at the design of acyclic nucleoside phosphonate analogues for the treatment of viral infections as a post doctoral fellow funded by NIH at the University of Southern California (LA, USA) in the Group of Professor Charles E. McKenna. Since 2011 I am back at Cardiff University working as Research Associate first for an antiviral project funded by Inhibitex (2011-2012) and then for an oncology programme sponsored by NuCana Biomed (2012-2017). During this time I was appointed as Part-Time Lecturer for the Independent Researcher Secondment Scheme. In January 2018 I was promoted to Research Fellow with NuCana sponsoring my fellowship to undertake research in the oncology area.  I am are also interested in several other research areas such as the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of nucleoside analogues and small molecules as anti-infective, and anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic agents.

Dr Magdalena Slusarczyk Research Fellow in Medicinal Chemistry (picture and link to biography)

I graduated in Biotechnology in 2001 from Wrocław University of Technology, Poland. Following M.S. degree, I commenced PhD in organic chemistry in K.U. Leuven (Belgium) under the supervision of Prof. Georges Hoornaert. My PhD work was focused on a design, synthesis and biological evaluation of methylene-bridged analogues of biologically active heterocycles. After completion of my PhD in 2007, I joined Prof. Chris McGuigan’s group. During the work as a Research Associate, I was involved in many projects including anticancer program that led to discovery of clinical trial agents, such as NUC-1031 and NUC-3373. In 2015, I was appointed  as Part-Time Lecturer for the Independent Researcher Secondment Scheme. Currently, working as a Research Fellow, I am involved in the anticancer projects aiming to deliver new clinical candidates. Main scientific interests include chemistry of nucleos(t)ide analogues and phosphate prodrugs, drug discovery and development process in the field of oncology and virology. Recent research interests include a design of early phase clinical trials.